Welcome to We Fed Up

"Vent your frustration and ignite change"

Why We Fed Up?
The same reason you are....

We all are going through life, things, worldly things, and things that make you/us frustrated. Here you can express your frustrations, not just to let out steam but share "what's annoying you" so to speak. Sometimes, we get so frustrated that we just have to laugh about it, especially when we see how tense we all can get from being so tense. We believe we can offer a supportive space where we can handle your frustrations and start discussions that will move things in a positive direction.

An example of a few vents:
Don't you just hate getting those raggedy shopping carts at the grocery store? The wheels won't roll and carts is dirty. That can just burn you up. Are you fed up yet? Who do we direct this issue to? Sometimes we just need some directions or another prospective.

We are so Fed Up, we have solutions.  So don't forget to add your suggestion, idea or thoughts to create the balance we need.  Get Fed Up and do something.

The Results You'll Get

Our community will foster a place that honors your voice that needs to be heard. Even if it's about something that does not matter to others.  It matters to you and it really got you "FedUp"  When we say "FedUp" we mean its got you to the point of accepting that change is necessary.  The quest for a solutions begins.  What changes can you make? Will you make? Are you willing to listen to other options to handling a situation?  

Here are a few of the things you can do as a member of We Fed Up:

- Vent your frustrations ( Be nice though, drop that shade with a dash of kindness)

- You will find a friendly and understanding audience to express your frustrations, which will help you feel less alone and support you while you are frustrated.

- You will connect with people in similar situations, building valuable relationships and networks.

- You will get helpful advice, suggestions and solutions from those who have successfully gone through their own frustrations and found solutions.

When You Join Today

When you join We Fed Up today, you’ll get access to our:

  • Choice Topic Chat Groups: Engage in our chat groups for real conversations about your frustrations. Share thoughts, experiences, and listen to other members. These chats may provide emotional support and wisdom from peers going through similar situations, creating a community and mutual understanding.
  •  Live Chat Schedule : Participate in our pop-up events that will feature people in various career fields what they are fedup about and how they found ways around their frustrations. We need to know how to vent our frustrations in a manner that is helpful to ourselves and to your community.
  • Community  : Help us grow our network.